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I am a proud vegetarian. I’m 5’3” and love everything to do with comics, superheroes/villains, Star Wars, horror, mystery, gaming, hardcore-ness, photography, drawing sketching, painting, music. I HATE Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Kesha, ect. I have black hair and Gold eyes. (sometimes brown/green) I’m unique, sensitive, but have a good sense of humor. I think I love too much. I get hurt. It’s hard for me to say no, and I’m vulnerable… I’m working on this. I am my own person. I’m artistic. I think you should just get to know me. If you want. I have no say in it. I don’t believe in God, I am a deep person. I think a lot. My best friend is Jake the dinosawr ^-^ I have a unique personality. I am a loving person and sometimes can be slightly schizophrenic e______________o i get irritat! ed easily. I’m not a can, don’t label me. I don’t live in Indonesia, but who cares. I have naturally curly hair. D’: Ooh, and I don’t take crap from anyone. I LOVE JOHNNY THE HOMICIDAL MANIAC!

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