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March 16, 2012 in March 2012 Articles, March 2012 SQ Models

i think scene is just being ur self and not fitting in with the other
clicks and having big sexy hair is not must but is nice 🙂 i think
everyone can be scene queen and its more then just the title its
letting all those people who shot u down that u r something more then
just this or that and u belong with the best the scenes but u know
that is just how i feel ^-^

Dahvie Darling

March 15, 2012 in March 2012 Articles

i love the scene look. i get most of my ideas for looks from rainbow kittie, lexi lush, cathie crush, and even jeffree star. i really love this site and i would love to be one of the models. i think i could pull off being one if i try. thanks. love you guys. <3 ^_^


March 15, 2012 in March 2012 Articles

What you need
-clear tape!

1. take the (STRAIGHTENED) piece of hair you want to make a sweeeeet coontail in. (pin the rest back or something) make sure its all the same length and when your hair is just normal (straightened) it is naturally all together and not just random little pieces all over the place.

2. take a piece of tape like 2-3 inches long, and put it on towards the top of the strip of hair. then fold the piece of tape over, so its wrapped around the hair.

3. keep doing that. make sure the intervals between the tape are all even and the tape is tight around your hair (you can get it off by wetting it or just ripping it out or cutting the tape apart)

4. mix your hairdye, put on your gloves, make sure the rest of your hair is all pinned/clipped back or else you will get weird spots all over the parts where it touches later on.

5. put a little (like pea sized amount) of hairdye on your thumb and pointer finger, and rub them together or something so it doesn’t drip off. then, starting at the highest stripe, put your two hairdye fingers on either side and rub them together on the first hair stripe. try to hold the taped part underneath the first stripe tight with your other two fingers on the other hand, because hairdye might seep into it while you are putting it on the hair right above the tape. make sure the hair is covered with hairdye, and then move down to the next stripe.

6.nooooow you wait however long the hairdye you have takes to develop. when its done, wash it out in the sink/shower whatever. the tape comes right off in water.



March 15, 2012 in March 2012 Articles

My name Is Kaylii<3 Ummm My vision of scene isnt always the poofy hair and heavy eyeliner. Scene is whatever you want it to be. My version? Lightly teased hair, Black eyeliner, and my music. 🙂 When it comes to being scene it means alot to me cause thats who I am. 😀

Bloody Juliette

March 15, 2012 in March 2012 Articles

all though a major part of looking scene is hair, you can still exspress who you are with out having to go crazy with color 😉 remeber even if your not alowed to go “full out scene” you can exspress who you are and still look epic doing it!


March 15, 2012 in March 2012 Articles

Makeup,very helpful…for school,if you go to school,and have rules about heavy makeup.Okay,so first do your every day skin cleanse and mosturizing.Then,of course what i do is use a face primer like eye primer(wich you could get at a drug store),so then you use concealer use it in needed areas of ur face,use foundation if you want or need to..just keep it light enough u don’t have a cakeface.Then use your mascara,after put on eyeliner of your choice,just not thick,enough to see it.After that,your choice light pink blush,use a big floppy brush ,contour it to your desire.Nude or light lip gloss,again your choice…or lip balm,chapstick…or put on your light pink lip stick on lightly…just make it subtle..hope i helped.

Katie Kaboom

March 15, 2012 in March 2012 Articles

When it comes to hair, dying it a rainbow variety of colors can cause so much damage. But, there are several steps that you can take to ensure that your hair doesn’t fall off.
Firstly, try to limit how much you bleach your hair. This is the worst thing you can do for your hair, so make sure you keep bleachings few and far between.
Next, when you do bleach your hair, make sure to follow with a deep conditioner.
In order to maintain healthier hair, try not to blow dry your hair, and use the lowest heat setting when using straighteners and curling irons. Also, use a protecting spray.
If you use bright colored dyes like manic panic, congratulations! These dyes contain no ammonia or peroxide so they won’t damage your hair.
Finally, to keep you hair looking vibrant and lovely, add a few drops of your semi-permanent dye to your daily conditioner. When you condition your hair, some of the dye will absorb into your hair and keep the color looking great!
If you do happen to achieve an irreversible amount of damage, cut your hair. Take a picture to your stylist to show her the layering you want. In my case, I got a shoulder length, choppy cut. And, when I want long hair, I use clip-in extensions. Have happy hair, and good luck!


March 15, 2012 in March 2012 Articles

Hewwwo i’m Kita^^
Imma tell chu how i cut my “off thee sholder” shirt. Ish simple and very easy^^.
First get a pair of scissors, a shirt and a nice cleaning space for chu to work.
At last cut thee collar of your shirt and stretch it a bit.

Shelby Shivers

March 15, 2012 in March 2012 Articles

Most believe all scene’s shop at Hot Topic,Pac Sun or Spencer’s…. Well lets admit all are amazing stores but we also create our own styles,fashion trends and accessories. If you were to look at a scene model you would see they all have there own style,we are not all robots here on earth.

An easy way to have the scene fashion is to wear bright colors! Black also looks well on most people but you might want alil color here and there like a belt and some extensions or something. Just to add some “ZING” <3. You might want to buy or find some old pants because although they may be old with alil snip,and stich they can be a real eye catcher! ALWAYS HAVE ACCESSORIES! KANDI,KANDI,KANDI!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never wear boots unless they’re really cute because some can make you look like you have duck feet and duck feet are never attractive.:(.Just stay with the vans and converse.;).LAST BUT NOT LEAST…..THE SHIRTS! YAY! Okay so your either gonna want a shirt with bright “BUTT” colors!,or with some characters like fin and jake because who doesn’t like cartoons?!AND THERE YOU GO YOU SHOULD LOOK AWESOME AND “BEAUTIFUL LIKE A BRAND NEW HOME!”

-<3 Shelby Shivers

Ashiee Starr

March 15, 2012 in March 2012 Articles

Scene Queens
Being a scene kid or a scene queen takes time not a day. It toke me almost a year to become the person I am today.
If you change from a normal kid to a scene kid you’ll be known as a poser. You don’t want that now do you ?
So take baby steps<3.
Get some cute clothes and accessories like band tees graphic tees or just your favorite shirt ! choose bright colors not dark or people may think you’re emo. grab any accessories you have and put them on 😀 !
Skinny jeans are the main thing to wear ha I never go anywhere without them<3. Or just put on anything that maes you feel good about yourself[: .
Be random not dull or sad be joyful and happy and smile pretty[:
Don’t be mean and don’t be rude
just act nice. No you don’t have to be nice to the person who hates you and you hate them just ignore them don’t let them get to you.
If people ask you if you’re emo just say I don’t know never call yourself scene then they’ll think you’re a poser.
Who cares if people think you’re weird for who you are ? Just tell them you don’t care ’cause well why should you ?
Now that thats covered you can go onto your hair. Don’t just tease and go to school when you havn’t done it before you want it to look messy but under control. I wuld start off with some layers then work your way up to choppy layers. After that just tease your hair a bit. no you don’t have to tease everyday but do it a lot so people are used to seeing like that and wont think you’re a poser. work you way up to making it bigger or messy. It will take a while to get to your favorite hairstyle.
To be a scene kid you don’t have to listen to screamo or post-hardcore or anything like that. You can listen to what ever you want. I just found my self loving music like post-hardcore and screamo techno and dubstep it doesn’t mean you have to just because you’re scene. You can listen to counrty to rap if thats what you like.
One thing that you always have to remember is to always have confidence in yourself[: