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March 15, 2012 in March 2012 Articles

Scene Queens
Being a scene kid or a scene queen takes time not a day. It toke me almost a year to become the person I am today.
If you change from a normal kid to a scene kid you’ll be known as a poser. You don’t want that now do you ?
So take baby steps<3.
Get some cute clothes and accessories like band tees graphic tees or just your favorite shirt ! choose bright colors not dark or people may think you’re emo. grab any accessories you have and put them on 😀 !
Skinny jeans are the main thing to wear ha I never go anywhere without them<3. Or just put on anything that maes you feel good about yourself[: .
Be random not dull or sad be joyful and happy and smile pretty[:
Don’t be mean and don’t be rude
just act nice. No you don’t have to be nice to the person who hates you and you hate them just ignore them don’t let them get to you.
If people ask you if you’re emo just say I don’t know never call yourself scene then they’ll think you’re a poser.
Who cares if people think you’re weird for who you are ? Just tell them you don’t care ’cause well why should you ?
Now that thats covered you can go onto your hair. Don’t just tease and go to school when you havn’t done it before you want it to look messy but under control. I wuld start off with some layers then work your way up to choppy layers. After that just tease your hair a bit. no you don’t have to tease everyday but do it a lot so people are used to seeing like that and wont think you’re a poser. work you way up to making it bigger or messy. It will take a while to get to your favorite hairstyle.
To be a scene kid you don’t have to listen to screamo or post-hardcore or anything like that. You can listen to what ever you want. I just found my self loving music like post-hardcore and screamo techno and dubstep it doesn’t mean you have to just because you’re scene. You can listen to counrty to rap if thats what you like.
One thing that you always have to remember is to always have confidence in yourself[:

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