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Seasonal Hair Colours. (:
Darks in winter, Lights in Summer. Right? Well, Through out my years of dying and changing, ive come up with an almost perfect colour scheme for the changing seasons.
Winter and Fall season.
When the leaves start changing, I like to incorporate Oranges and reds, and browns for a more natural look. Greens & blues are a no-no. Now, the first signs of snow and frost? I Like a white, and black look, and now, some blue is acceptable.
Spring and Summer season.
This is your time to let it all out! Try some pinks and purples for the spring time, the more fun the better, rainbows are completely appropriate for this time aswell. When it starts to get hot, try to stay away from blacks and other rich colours, they absorb heat. whites arent usually that good either, because when you tan, your hair doesnt. 🙂
XoXo. <3

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