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March 15, 2012 in March 2012 Articles

I lived in a place full of ‘gangsters’ and ‘preps’, so I know a bit about being called names and being put down.
The main thing to do, is to ignore all the things that you get told and know that there are hundreds out there who feel the same way.
Look at some of the more known “Scene Queens”, for example, Ambrehh is Dead, Emy Extasy, and Brookelle Bones, for inspiration. Being “scene” is not how you look or how you act, it’s making a statement. So many people stereotype “scene kids” to be conceded and mean, but thats soo not the goal.
What you wear is a big part, though. It shows people what you think with out using words.
A lot of things most scene kids lean towards are colorful extensions, or dying your hair different colors, though you can do with out. Colorful skinny jeans and boots, or heels, are great together. Not to mention, tutus and tiaras. I dont ever wear these things in public, but i love taking pictures with them. I DO like to wear bows, and jewelry when im out of the house, because it just looks good in my blue hair ;D.
I try to center my outfits around two different icons, Elmo, and Jack from Nightmare before Christmas. Some people believe that to be “scene” you need to LOVE Hello Kitty, which I do, but thats not really all that true.
I bought some big glasses for that sexy-nerdy look, and i think that looks great in pictures, so thats a plus.
I dont like when scene kids T@lk L!k3 D!$, because it puts a bad shadow over the scene kids who talk more like a human being.
Making friends are good for you status, but do NOT be one of those girls who are friends with someone for the popularity. Its not cool, and its just mean. I have all sorts of friends now that I left my town, and i try my best to always be there for them. I’m just happy I found people who trust and like me for who I am..thats the kind of friend you need to be!! 🙂 BTW itssss AH-REH-ULL!! (Ariel) (;

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