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 Scene is more playful. choppy, teased colorful hair, or usually black hair. BOLD colorful makeup, lots of eyeliner! Piercings are most likely used, like: snake bites, septum, angel bites and/or monroe, Most all have some sort of gauges small to large. Still have a myspace with thousands of friends and with pictures of themselves; a tuff/soft mean face or a rawr ima dinosaur face! so hardxcore. Belongs to certain websites like: Vampirefreaks.com and Have a youtube account. livejournal community called “gungunbangbang” or “murderscene”. Anything involving guns, or bang, or glamour, electric, shock, lust, or c***, is super cool and makes you in a certain group! Concerts are a must! Loves dinosaurs and robots and chibi animals, Pokemon, Little girl bows and bandanas because its! just the way the style is. I find all of these things attractive, cute, plushxCORE! because its just what TOTALLY SCENExCORE is! :3

Alternative doesn’t obey to style trends or popularity. Its more like fringe style, and grunge fashion. attention grabbing, more creative and artistic. Alternative fashion is more remembered by what it looks like then what its really made to be. Alternative fashion has often been apart of someones ideal look or group, to rebel against some beliefs or more popular styles. It’s a self-expression that challenges the boundaries of “appropriate”, fashionable, or practical!!

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