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March 20, 2012 in February 2012 Articles

 Scene Hair – it’s a piece of art, we have to say! Great, unique and it looks different every time. But how to create it, and most important – keep it? It’s a bit time consuming, but with few tricks up your sleeve your hair will look Scene in no time 🙂

First – for your hair to look Scene, the top layers need to be chopped – you can do it yourself or ask at the hair salon for short choppy hair. You will need to tease them by the roots for the uplifted effect, and spray the teased part with a hairspray. Now the bottom layers will need to be longer, thinner, with colourfull streaks (very optional) and most important – they need to be as straight as your BF. To get this effect you can use the hair straightener (first spray your hair with heat-defence spray) and put some wax on the ends. Second option is to clip some hair extensions in, it gives you great choice of styles / colours / looks. I personally opt for the first option, as hair extensions can easily weaken your hair – so can’t recommend it myself. But it’s a great and fast fix for night out or special occassion.

Now you can put some bows / hair clips in your fringe, or just some cute hair band. Have fun and good luck 🙂

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