March 20, 2012 in February 2012 Articles

 When you think os scene girls most people imaginewildly awesome hair, hello kitty necklaces and jackets, hottopic clothes and tutus. But most scene girls aren’t all into this, its just a sterotype people have come up with to label us as a particular group.
People call me scene because of my teased blue hair and my skinnies and hotttopic band shirts of suicide silence and fallin in reverse. But how does this make me scene? If anything it jus means i spend WAY too much time in th emorning on my hair and alittle too much time shopping in hottopic, okay… alot of time.
In my case, and i cant talk for everyone, i DO own hello kitty, hottopic clothes and a tutu. But that doesnt mean im scene, does it? Personaly i think it means im alittle flambouant which is basically what scene is if you really think about it. Scene is a style of flambouancy and personal expression. And that is what separates us from the emo style and goth style and the preps and jocks. It’s a style all its own and its a style that is hard to achive because of its various ways to do it.
So to end with, scene is amazing and awesome and perfectly fine to be no matter what any people say, even if you do get looks becaus eof big blue hair.

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