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what scene means to me.

March 13, 2012 in The SceneKing

Oh Look I’ve Got Big Hair. And Ugly Makeup And Loud! I’m Scene. WORNG! Being scene is being creative funny random lound and pruond loves life and being diffrent. I Don’t  like to label my self but if i did i would call my self scene. I’m A “MIXED” scene. That means i ‘m colored and have this and that. I’m mixed with Black, White, Naitve American, Freach And Spainsh! Yes, I’m A REDBONE XD. I have bi racelay hai and its hard to keep up so i just keep it in biads XD. Being unique might sound hard to do to many people. I believe being unique is letting your own character show and embracing your thoughts and feelings. I love showing the world my real personality because that is what makes me different from the rest. I believe if you try your hardest you will succeed in anything you desire. I certainly believe that my life will go on into an amazing road trip. Learning new things, meeting interesting people, and being creative in my own unique way. I can not even explain how wonderful it feels to be liked so much when all you are is just being yourself. So why do many people try to be fake and start being posers? Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Why dont they embrace it? It is a wonderful feeling. It makes you feel bubbly inside. Also, when people see scene kids the first thing most people thing of is, “what is wrong with that child?” Nothing is wrong with us being scene. When people ask scene kids why we are this way, it is not just because we think it is cool. We like to be unique, we love to show our true colors, we love to be fun and so different looking. Scene kids are and or should be an insperation to many people, not anything different! . were spical in our own way!


– bliss<3